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Eye Candy: Real Parties -- The Slime Lab, science has never looked so cool


The Slime Lab

When our good friend came to us asking if we could style a slime party for her daughter I was thinking, "oh no, no, no"! 

In our own house, we have been on a slime making frenzy for at least two years (read, feels like forever).  We should have seriously invested in Elmer's stock (because of course, the cheaper stuff doesn't work -- so I have been told).  We have purchased more shaving cream in two years than my husband has in his entire life! We finally had to ban glitter in slime because, as you can imagine, we have a lot of glitter.  We buy it in bulk.  Honestly, it was my mistake.  I should have never given unsupervised children a pound of glitter.  Our kitchen has never been the same!

So, after tossing around some ideas, we concluded that we needed to design an epic, slime laboratory complete with employee-only badges, personalized lab coats, beakers, petri dishes, loads of test tubes filled glitters and sands, plus the world's largest table of elements ever created!  And, don't forget the protective eyewear!

It's all in the details:

If the concept is anchored on a science lab, then I guess it better look like one!  After a little visit to a local medical supplies and laboratory equipment company, we were able to purchase a vast amount of amazing glassware in all shapes and sizes plus so much other fun stuff that budding scientists would use to make break-through potions!   You can imagine the sales rep's surprise when we told him it was for a girl's birthday party!  

Different stations around the room allowed kids to interact with the materials, select their own ingredients, and then accessorize with no end of glitters, mini foam balls, clays, color sands, sequins, and our favorite add-in, deliciously fragrant essential oils.   Now, if you live in Hong Kong or ever visited, you will know that to amass such a collection was no small feat!  You need to think of it as an adult scavenger hunt.  You never know what you will find until you start looking in every corner, small alley, upstairs / downstairs random building.  

The "Packaging & Labeling Department" provided branded containers in different sizes along with bags and ribbons for storage.  The "Employee Canteen" was also a big hit with fizzy drinks served in a pint-sized beaker with a dropper filled with pink syrup flavoring.  Yum!

With an experiential party like this, the party favor takes care of itself.  (I'm sure parents were delighted to have jars and jars of bubblegum glittery slime all over their house!) ;)  

But in the end we couldn't resist making one tiny, adorable party favor filled with some of the world's best sequins, beads, foil confetti, and glittery goodness.  This slime accessory was hand tossed and mixed by our trusty party planner in training, then added to a petri dish secured with rainbow washi tape!  Adorable:)

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